Pharaoh boat

Welcome to my website.

This website will tell you the story of building the pharaoh boat Sobek. It informs you of the construction, the materials I used and gives you some background information on traditional Egyptian boatbuilding techniques. Also it gives you an impression of the sort of projects I could take on for you.


I have worked now for more than fifteen years as a professional boatbuilder and craftsman and in addition to this I have a strong interest in ancient Egyptian civilization.

This interest and my craftsmanship resulted in the most special project I have worked on so far: building a replica of an ancient Egyptian boat, the pharaoh boat Sobek.


In the future I would like to take on more of these special projects. From idea to realization, as a bespoke craftsman boatbuilder I would be happy to take on your project!


Kind Regards,

Floris Barends

Floris Barends boatbuilding

With thanks to Diana van Weele for the translation.


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